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Polpa De Tapereba 400g

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The fruit-juice is used as a febrifuge and diuretic. The roots are well-known febrifuge on the Iv. Coast, being sometimes used with elaves of Ximenia, Premna hispida, Ficus sp., and Alchornea. They are pulped, boiled in water, and drunk, or used as a lotion or for baths. The bark is used as a purgative and in local applications for leprosy (Kerharo and Bouquet). The bark decoction is used for severe cough, causing relief through vomiting. The dry pulverized bark is applied as a dressing to the circumcision wound. The bark contains a certain amount of tannin. A decoction of the mashed leaves is used by the Ibos (Nigeria) for washing a swollen face. The leaves, ground with sugar, are rubbed on the mouth and gums. A leaf infusion is a common cough remedy or used as a laxative for fever with constipation. A leaf decoction is used for gonorroea. The leaves with the leaves of Vitex cuneata and Terminaliia avicennoides, are used on the Iv. Coast for fresh wounds preventing inflammation. All these leaves are used for leprosy. Crushed with lemon they are effective for worms in children. With Alchornea leaves and lemon a gargle is made from the leaves. They are crushed to obtain the juice. A decoction of pounded leaves is used as an eye lotion and the juice pressed from young, warm leaves is given to children for stomach troubles. The young leaves are used as an infusion taken internally or as a warm astringent lotion by women in confinement in Sierra Leone, Sudan. In the Congo the young leaves pounded to a frothy pulp are used as a bed for paralytics, who are then massaged with them to the accompaninent of incantations [2] The extract has shown anti-inflammatory activity in Wistar rats.[3]


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Polpa De Tapereba 400g

Polpa De Tapereba 400g


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